People Please!

So I gotta say I’m saddened by all the negativeness and insanity that has played out since the election. Some people got the president for whom they voted. Others did not. In ANY competition of ANY kind, there is a winner and a loser. It is what it is. America made a choice.

It is my opinion (and not necessarily an educated one) most people did not so much vote FOR Trump as they did AGAINST Hillary. And let’s be honest, neither of the two are what any of us would call “upstanding citizens, “honest” or even “decent human beings”.

What has hit me the hardest are the “if you voted for Trump, delete me” posts  on facebook which go on to say “if you voted for him you are hateful, racist, bigoted, asshole, etc.”
A) That’s a little hypocritical. Talk about hateful!
B) Do you honestly see a halo over Hillary’s head?? Don’t kid yourself, that bitch has done and said some evil shit.

By the above rationale, stating anyone who voted for Trump is all those horrible things then, if I laugh at one of Jeffrey Dahmer’s jokes, I then support gay rape, kidnapping, necrophilia and cannibalism. Which I do not, however; had he been funny, I’da laughed at his joke.

Please understand, I am not riding the Trump train. My disdain for both candidates since this whole ugly mess started has been abundantly clear. They are both terrible humans. And we are losing our humanity over it. It makes me sad.

We were given the task of choosing the LESSER of two evils, NOT the BETTER of two candidates. We should be asking ourselves how it was even possible either of them were an option.

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