mom’s gonna be mad

mom’s gonna be mad

So, I got a new tattoo and I didn’t tell my mom. She’s gonna be mad. She says I have too many. She loves me. She knows my story. She just doesn’t understand my need to tell it on my skin.

Some people get it. Some people don’t and that’s okay. I get compliments from friends and strangers. I get nasty comments from friends and strangers. While I don’t care what anyone thinks, I gotta say, the negativity from friends stings just a little. In the end, you should know I didn’t get my ink for you. I got it for me and I’m truly happy with my skin.

This tattoo is the begining of a Supernatural sleeve on my left arm. Yeah, I know you’re thinking it’s just a t.v. show and maybe it is to you. For me it’s a fandom and a family. I relate to more things in this show than I should. They hunt monsters. I’ve lived with monsters all my life; in person and in my head. There are things about the characters as well as what the actors themselves do to promote positive mental health that spoke to me in a way I cannot put into words.

I’m excited to see the end result and maybe some of you are as well. Just know I’m doing this for me. If you have a question or something nice to say, I’d love to hear it. If you want to be negative, go ahead. I know how to deal with monsters.