In my life I’ve been called a lot of names; Chuck and Bitch are my two favorites.  Chuck is a nickname with a funny story.  I’ll get around to telling it someday soon.  Being called “bitch” just makes me laugh. Is that supposed to hurt my feelings?  Try harder next time.

I’m a 47 year old, nerdy, single (AF) mother of two teenagers who is stuck in the 80s. Dealing with my kids, exes, A.D.D., the general public, schools, elderly parents, traffic, depression, bills, insomnia, anger issues, the news and and life in general keeps my brain spinning like a Cuisinart.  I prefer “Beautiful Chaos” over “Hot Mess”, but I’ll let you decide.

For years facebook has been used as my blog.  Friends and family have told me I should have a “real” blog to share my brand of insanity with the world. But why?  I tend to rant about whatever is bothering me, over share my feelings and embarrass my children. Who would want to read that?  Well, I guess I’m going to find out.  Welcome to my world.